Article: 10 Reasons Zombies don’t Make Sense

Whether you call them walkers, creepers or deadies, zombies have infiltrated all forms of media with a fumbling vengeance. Some movies are good; some shows are better, but everywhere you look you see them. They’re re-enacting Jane Austen stories and fighting pea shooting plants. They’re hanging out at amusement parks and harassing fire fighters.


No matter what they’re doing or where they are, they have some standard features. One can expect to see rotting flesh, a wobbling walk and usually some missing body parts. They are slow moving corpses focused on eating living humans, particularly their limbs and intestines. They’re described as the walking dead, being reanimated after death like some kind of dispensationalist Apocalypse. Sometimes, it’s because “hell is full,” or because a witch doctor curses a poor lost man, or maybe it’s just because the dead stumbling around is gross and a little scary, even if it doesn’t make any sense.


-Susan S.

I had to share this, both for the science involved, and for #10 and the mental image of Zee being carried away by a vulture.

-Kelsey Jay. 


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