Behind the Scenes: Lucky

There was Moose.

There was Uggie.

Now…there is Lucky.

behind the scenes


The latest episode of Zombvenger!, here at features the introduction of Lucky, Zee’s faithful sidekick.

jack russell



Lucky is a Jack Russell terrier, a terrier breed developed on the mid 1800’s by Rev. Jack Russell. The dog was originally bred to hunt red foxes. They are tenacious, independent, crafty dogs that need a lot of attention and training. Jack Russells can climb, jump and run like the dickens.  They live up to 15 years and are relatively healthy dogs.

Lucky himself is a true Jack Russell. He obeys Zee….most of the time. He’s often smarter than his zombie companion and is prone to going off on his own.  Lucky gets a lot of exercise from saving zombies from humans and humans from zombies. Most of the time, Lucky appears to dislike Zee, but at the end of the day he is truly loyal to the Zombvenger. Lucky is almost as durable as his companion. It takes a lot to put this dog down.

He secretly resents not getting a cool name like Zee. The little dog received his name in episode two, where he survives being shot at and being crushed by an Alkali soldier.




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