Hey there zombie fans!

Some quick ZOMBVENGER! updates for y’all today.

Quick warning: I will be giving a bunch of links. Be warned.

Are you warned?


So, ZOMBVENGER is just waiting to be launched on Zombie Pop. Even I don’t know for sure when it’s coming out! It’s like waiting for Christmas morning, except with more dead things.  I recommend going over to Zombie Pop and following the site (http://www.zombiepop.net/) so we can wait together. Or just check out the awesome content! Whichever works.

The Zombvenger uses a variety of weapons in his fight for truth, justice and chocolate milk. Most of these are improvised, but the style he wields them with gradually becomes anything but.

For the Zombvenger’s signature weapon, the broom handle, I imagined that he would use it like a bo staff.The bo staff is a 1.8 meter long staff used in jujitsu, hapkido, and, the big one, bojutsu. Using a staff for a weapon has been around since staffs have been around, but use of the specific bo staff began in 15th century Okinawa, Japan.

Here’s a couple demonstrations of the bo staff:

And, before you ask, yes my first introduction to the bo staff was in the form of watching TMNT. Don’t judge me.

That’s the hero, but what about the villain?

Well, there’s going to be a total of 3 primary antagonists in the ZOMBVENGER series. I’m currently working on fleshing them out, so to speak. The big one I’m having lots of inspiration for right now is Osiris, zombie leader of  group of zombies like our hero. Zombie on zombie action! Woot!

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of Osiris yet (because you all want to see my crap artwork. Right), and I don’t want to give away any character details, but he does have a theme song: Flawed Design by Stabilo.


That’s it for me today, sports-fans. Drop me a like or comment if you like this post, and make sure to keep it locked here for all ZOMBVENGER updates!

-Kelsey J.




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