Zombie Apocalypse.

An evil corporation and a sinister cult. 

Who stands in the way?

One zombie and his dog. 

Zee is just your average zombie, trying to get by one day at a time in the zombocalypse. When he falls (literally) into the secrets behind the zombie plague, he is thrown headfirst into conspiracy, cults and pet ownership. Zee appoints himself protector of his quarantined city, keeping zombies safe from humans and vice versa, taking up the mantle of the ZOMBVENGER! His only weapons: wise cracks, a broom handle and friends both dead and alive. Can Zee save his city? Join your new favourite  zombie in The Zombvenger, exclusively on Zombie POP!

The story so far:

Episode One: Enter the Zombvenger

Episode Two: Dog Days

Episode Three: Walk like an Egyptian

Welcome to the homepage of The Zombvenger, featuring the official creator’s blog, artwork, links to the soundtrack, and more! Have a lurk around!


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